About Us

For over 8 years Blue Rock Resort has been a popular hobby and sports destination for many Capetonians & Tourists. It’s not only about bringing together people from Cape Town but also from all over the world. Blue Rock is one of the few recreational places in South Africa with naturally clear and clean water. Our lake’s deepest point is 65m; making it an excellent training ground for scuba and commercial free-style diving while it is also a playground for Kite surfers, Wakeboarders and other water enthusiasts.


For thirty years from the 1950’s, the Blue Rock quarry outside Somerset West was the largest quarry in the Western Cape. The gravel which was blasted from the ground was used to build most of the highways and roads in the province until the 1980’s.

As the surrounding residential areas grew and moved closer to this busy quarry, there were risk fears for residents. Therefore a decision was made to close down the quarry. Man moved out and nature moved back in. The quarry filled with rain water and the surrounding land reverted to its natural state with bushes, trees and bird life returning to the area.

In 2002, Blue Rock was bought by new owners who saw the opportunity to install a Cable Waterski facility thereby creating one of the most beautiful lakes in the Western Cape and a mecca for extreme watersports.

Blue Rock has exciting plans for the future with a new development of approximately 1000 apartments, restaurants, hotels, conference centres, spa’s and shops which will eventually be known as Blue Rock Village.


From an unsightly quarry hole, created in 1954, the Blue Rock Lake has become one of the most beautiful & unique wonders of the Western Cape.

During the 30 years of mining granite, everything surrounding the area was destroyed. Today, this quarry is known as the Blue Rock Lake. It is the cleanest and clearest lake in the province.

The water in this lake of over 7 hectares which has a depth of more than 60m, reaches temperatures of 26’C at the height of summer! Where would you be able to find a lake that feels like it has its own solar heating system?

Blue Rock has created a system that minimises air pollution as the Cable Waterski functions the same way as 25 boats just without all the noise and fuel that would be needed to run the system! This is why Blue Rock’s facilities can be enjoyed in peace allowing for more focus on relaxation and extreme fun!