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Rixen LogoThe overhead cable system was designed and installed by Rixen Cableways that is situated in Germany. Blue Rock uses an overhead cable system with 5 towers and an electronic motor winch pulls skiers around the lake for 800m at 30km per hour. This system is safe, user- and environmentally-friendly (using no petrol).


Cable Waterskiing is a unique way to ski without the use a motorboat yet with the same feeling and experience. While the boat produces waves which you would use for height when doing tricks, Cable riders need to use the tension of the rope when trying out tricks.

Blue Rock cable Waterski can take up to 10 kneeboarders / waterskiers / wakeboarders at the same time. You may either bring your own equipment or hire kneeboards, waterskis, wakeboards and wetsuits from Blue Rock’s Ticket Sales. Even though lifejackets are compulsory to wear, the only requirement is that you are able to swim. For beginners, there are skilled instructors for assistance. For advanced riders, Blue Rock has one of the biggest obstacle parks in the world.

Kneeboarding is kneeling on a board; it is particularly loved by children because it is the easiest from all disciplines. Even though you can ski behind a boat, it does not mean you will master it on a cable right away. Kneeboarding is recommended to everyone as it is a great way to get to know how the cable pulls you around the 5 towers.

With waterskiing you will have your two feet strapped in the two separate shoes of the skis.

This is a bit more difficult than kneeboarding as you might just end up doing the splits.

Wakeboarding is the most difficult out of all three disciplines but also the most fun and popular. If you can kitsurf, sandboard, snowboard or even skateboard; you will master this quicker than others as you are used to standing sideways on a board.

Please refer to our rules & regulations for further instructions on cable skiing.

Packages for Birthday & Bachelor Parties as well as Team Buildings are available.

Bookings & payments for groups of 20 & more are required in advance.


Blue Rock’s Shop is offering Jobe wakeboard equipment ranging from wakeboards, bindings, wetsuits, helmets, to impact vests (life jackets) as well as various souvenirs from Blue Rock such as t-shirts, hoodies, sweaters, towels, caps, sunglasses, bean bags, beach chairs & umbrellas.

For Prices & Fitting Times, contact us on:


A paintball game at Blue Rock can be booked for an hour at a time (between 9am & 5pm). Groups are required to arrive 30 minutes before their game starts to gear-up and sign the indemnity forms. Blue Rock takes groups between 10 – 40 players.

We suggest that you wear proper shoes & old cloths even though the paint from the paintball bullets does wash out. On average, 200 paintball bullets are used per person for a one hour paintball game.

Masks are mandatory for everyone and back & chest protectors are recommended, especially for children. The paintball field is fenced in; perfect for spectators to watch and take photos!

Please refer to our rules & regulations for further instructions on paintballing.

Packages for Birthday & Bachelor Parties as well as Team Buildings are available.

Bookings & payments are required in advance.


FUFI – SLIDE (zip line)

Blue Rock has a 400 metre long adrenaline-filled fufi-slide ride; something similar to a zip line!

You can either walk up or get driven up (by a family member or friends) to the starting point of the fufi-slide which is at the top of Blue Rock by its entrance gate where the pink hut is.

  • You will be strapped into a harness and wear a helmet.
  • Please note, weight restriction is between 30 & 100 kilos.
  • You will be flying over the rocks and land in the water close to the jetties.
  • Once you get hocked off at the bottom, you can walk around to the Restaurant or Badi area.
  • Family members & friends are more than welcome to take photos at the start or at the end of the fufi-slide.

Please refer to our rules & regulations for further instructions on fufi-sliding.

Packages for Birthday & Bachelor Parties as well as Team Buildings are available.

Bookings & payments for groups of 10 & more are required in advance.

BADI (beach / swimming area)

Badi Blue Rock

VIP shaded areas, umbrellas, tables with benches, floating mats, and bean bags are available for hire. Due to sprinkler systems, no umbrellas & gazebos are allowed to be brought into the resort.

The VIP shaded areas are the size of about four umbrellas and are placed along the water where you can overlook the lake, cable skiing and the swimming area so you can be close to all the action and entertainment. They cannot be pre-booked; they work on a first-come, first-served basis.

Home-made picnics are allowed to be brought into the picnic area (NOT in the Restaurant) but no beverages of any kind are allowed to be brought into the resort.

There is a children’s playground (jungle gym) as well as a volleyball court which is ideal for team building exercises. Compete against your friends and enjoy a refreshing swim in the crystal clear lake afterwards.

There are 4 different swimming areas as per map:

Area 1: At our so called beach area, here is some shallow water for the little ones.
Area 2: This is close to the 6-7 metre high rock jumping point.
Area 3: Next to the starting dock of the skiers where it is 10 meters deep.
Area 4: Where the Fufi slide (zip line) ends which is also about 10 meters deep.

The area between area 1 & 4 are the only swimming areas which allows Stand-up Paddle boards & Canoes.

Floating mats are available for hire in area 1 & 3.

The water temperature can rise above 26 degrees in the summer.

Please refer to the rules & regulations for further instructions about swimming, rock-jumping & picnicking at Blue Rock.



This is the deepest and cleanest lake in the Western Cape. Blue Rock is a perfect venue for diving as it is one of the only lakes in South Africa with crystal clear water which reaches up to 26C in summer.

The deepest point of the lake is 60 meters which is ideal for free, commercial and scuba diving.

There is a 5 meter visibility and various floating jetties in the lake for easy access into the water.

Blue Rock does not offer diving courses but if there is a need for teaching venues, Blue Rock now also has various training rooms available. Bookings are required in advance.